Permanent Corrosion Monitoring

The technique of corrosion monitoring is well established for cathodic protection of reinforced concrete structures where microprocessor controlled systems are linked by modem to remote monitoring stations and potentials and current flows are monitored. Variations on this concept were used in the Middle East and on the UK Motorway system. Recently systems have been installed in new and existing reinforced concrete structures to monitor corrosion rate with polarisation resistance, resistivity, temperature and half cell potentials without applying cathodic protection.

The advantage of long term monitoring is that the progression of changes can be monitored. The growth of anodic areas, potential changes, changes in corrosion rates using linear polarisation or macrocell approaches, and the changes in concrete resistivity with time are more helpful in predicting long term durability than the "snapshot" approach of a survey.

Corrosion monitoring can be applied to new structures in aggressive environments. It can be applied to monitor the effectiveness of non cathodic protection treatments, such as coatings, inhibitors, realkalisation, chloride extraction or patch repairs. It can be used where repairs are to be phased or deferred to schedule future works.

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