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  • Edited by: Paul M Chess and John P Broomfield
    Published by: CRC Press 2013

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  • Published by: 1st Edition: E&FN Spon, London UK, 1997. 2nd Edition: Taylor & Francis London 2007. 3rd Edition: 2023, CRC Press.

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    John P. Broomfield D. Phil, CEng, FIM, FICorr, MCS Consulting Corrosion Engineer

    "Corrosion of Steel in Concrete provides information on corrosion of steel in atmospherically exposed concrete structures and serves as a guide for those designing, constructing and maintaining buildings, bridges and all reinforced concrete structures. This new edition incorporates the new European standards as well as USA and other international standards. It also covers developments in galvanic and impressed current cathodic protection, new electrochemical techniques such as electro osmosis, and stainless steel clad reinforcing bars. The corrosion of reinforcing steel in concrete is a major problem facing civil engineers and surveyors throughout the world today. There will always be a need to build structures in corrosive environments and it is therefore essential to address the problems that result. This is a book to educates about and forms a guide to the problems of corrosion, its causes and how to find solutions.


    • Introduction.
    • Corrosion of steel in concrete.
    • Causes and mechanisms of corrosion and corrosion damage in concrete.
    • Condition evaluation.
    • Corrosion monitoring
    • Physical and chemical repair and rehabilitation techniques.
    • Electrochemical repair and rehabilitation techniques.
    • Rehabilitation methodology.
    • Understanding and calculating the corrosion and deterioration of reinforced concrete structures.
    • Building for durability.
    • Future developments.
    • Appendix 1 sources of information on corrosion of steel in concrete.

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    Corrosion of Steel in Concrete

  • Edited by: R.W. Revie
    Published by: Wiley & Sons Inc., 2000

    • 3rd Edition Ch 49, pp 633 to 647 - Corrosion of Steel in Concrete

  • Edited by: S.R. Yeomans
    Published by: Elsevier, Oxford, 2004

    • Chapter 9; Galvanized steel reinforcement in concrete: A Consultant's Perspective

  • Edited by: Susan Macdonald
    Published by: Publ Blackwell, 2003

    • Chapter 4; Identification and Assessment of Defects, Damage and Decay
    • Chapter 5; Repairing Damaged Concrete

  • Edited by: Marios Soutsos
    Published by: Thomas Telford

    Chapter 11; Repair Methods

  • Edited by: S-H Kim and K Y Ann
    Published by: Middleton Publishing Inc., Korea, 2010

    • Chapter 5 Electrochemical Treatments and Service Life Prediction

  • Edited by: Michael G. Grantham
    Published by: E&FN Spon, London UK, 1997

    • Chapter 4; Cathodic protection of structures
    • Chapter 5;Cathodic protection using thermal sprayed zinc
    • Chapter 7;Instrumentation and monitoring of structures

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    Compiled by: John Broomfield

    A compilation of papers presented at NACE Annual Conference 2000-2003. Several years worth of papers on corrosion of steel reinforcement in the build environment have been combined into a single volume to give an overview of the present state of the art and of the practice of corrosion assessment and control of reinforced concrete structures. The fully-searchable cdrom contains over 75 papers that have been grouped into major subjects and sub-headings. The editor has also provided cross-references to other papers on the cdrom as well. Aimed at those involved in the research, development, engineering, and maintenance of reinforced concrete structures, the cdrom enables the corrosion engineer to carry an electronic toolbox of assessment and rehabilitation techniques.

Concrete Society Technical Reports (CSTRs)

  • CSTR 36 Cathodic Protection of Reinforced Concrete - Member of the Joint working Party with the Corrosion Engineering Association that wrote the original Report Published 1989.

  • CSTR 60 Electrochemical tests for reinforcement corrosion  - Member of the Joint Concrete Society/Institute of Corrosion Working Party and joint author of 2 of the Current Practice Sheets that were published in Concrete and made up chapters in the report

  • CSTR 69 Repair of structures with reference to BS EN 1504 - Chair of the Concrete Society, Institute of Corrosion, Corrosion Prevention Association Joint Working Party that wrote the document.

  • CSTR 73 Revision of CSTR 36 & 37 Cathodic Protection of Reinforced Concrete - Member and latterly chair of the Concrete Society, Institute of Corrosion, Corrosion Prevention Association Joint Working Party that is presently finalising the documents to be published in 2011.